Download COD Mobile Season 9 APK and OBB for Android

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If you’re looking for the COD Mobile Season 9 update APK and OBB files, look no further. We’ve got you covered with download links as well as for instructions on how to install the newest version on your Android smartphone with simplicity.

We already know what will be included in the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 update, which has been dubbed “Nightmare” according to the patch notes and will include new weapons, balancing improvements, talents, the Battle Pass, and other features, according to the developers. With all of the Halloween-themed events and maps that are coming our way, it is undeniably an exciting time to be alive. What shouldn’t be frightening is getting your hands on the most recent version of the software as soon as feasible. When it comes to downloading the APK and OBB files for COD Mobile Season 9, the download links are really helpful.

If you are unable to get the COD Mobile Season 9 update via the Google PlayStore, we have provided download links for the APK and OBB files so that no one is left out of all of the exciting new content.

Build and Optimized For Mibile

What’s the best part? Call of Duty: Mobile is now available for free! The Call of Duty® first-person shooting experience is now available on mobile devices, with enhanced visuals and gameplay that fans will enjoy.
Do you think you have what it takes to compete with the top? Call of Duty®: Mobile is available for download right now!

NOTE: Call of Duty®: Mobile is presently in Closed Beta in a limited number of countries, and we are trying to enhance the overall player experience by regularly addressing issues and providing new content for players to enjoy.
We appreciate any input you may have while playing the game, as it will help us develop the game. To provide feedback in-game, go to the “?” button in the lobby and choose Feedback > Contact Us from the dropdown menu.
Sign up for Call of Duty updates here:

To play this game, you’ll need to have an internet connection.

We would like to point out that this app incorporates social elements that enable you to connect and play with your friends, as well as push notifications that will notify you when exciting events or new material are available in the game. You have the option of using or not utilizing these features.

What’s New in This Version

Call of Duty: Mobile is engulfed in darkness. In Season 9: Nightmare, only the full moon can lead Iskra – Arachnis through the maze of danger. When even more zombies take over Isolated, she’ll need the Swordfish MKII and PP19 Bizon – Haunted Haystack from the Battle Pass to put an end to Ortelius’s ambitions. There’s a nip in the air on Hovec Sawmill because someone else has shown an interest in playing a game. Prepare for another round of Call of Duty: Mobile with a Saw-themed Draw before the game starts. Now is the time to play!

Installing the COD Mobile Season 9 update is simple.

The first and most important thing you should do before running the COD Mobile Season 9 update is to make sure you have adequate space on your mobile device.

  • You may allow applications from unknown sources to be installed on your smartphone by going to “Settings > Safety & Privacy” and choosing “Install apps from Unknown Sources. “
  • Navigate to the Downloads folder and double-click the APK file to install it by pressing the Install button.
  • Transfer the OBB files to the following location: Android > OBB >
  • Start the game and take pleasure in COD Mobile Season 9.
  • Please keep in mind that you may still need an in-game patch to be installed. If you have any
  • problems during the installation process, redownload the update and try again, or go to the game’s official Google PlayStore website for assistance.

You’ve now got your COD Mobile Season 9 update download links, which include both the APK and the OBB file.