How to Define Success in Your Life


Though it is believed that successful people are those who are rich, respected or famous, everyone has its own definition of success. For example, there are people who define success as the ability to buy things they want to have, whether it is a super yacht or the Intex easy set pool. Also, there are people who believe that successful people are those who are famous. There are those who define success as establishing good relations with other people: their family, their friends, their co-workers, etc. In other words, your definition of success is influenced by your personal goals. So how to define your own success?

1. Personal Achievements

To value your personal achievements, you can simply grab a piece of paper and write down at least five things that will make you feel proud of yourself. Note that you do not need to focus on global achievements, such as making the whole world happy. Just focus on things you feel most positively about, such as writing a book, starting your own business or building a strong family. Do not try to impress someone else, your personal attitude towards this or that situation matters. So if you believe that moving to a new city will make you feel more confident and will make an impact on your future success, do not try to impress your family with a graduation from a top-tier school.

After you sum up all of your accomplishments, it is important to define what you need to make them come true. Do you need to be courageous, intelligent or caring?

2. Challenge Your Assumptions

Take one more paper and write down all things that have proved to be less satisfying than you thought. For example, you thought that getting a position of the architect will make you feel proud but after you accomplished the goal, you did not feel satisfied. This will help you to replace society’s definitions with your own.

3. Define Levels of Success

In the most cases, your path to success can take months or years. However, to accomplish greater goals, you can create your own path that will consist of smaller ones. For example, if you think that buying a new car will make you feel proud of yourself, you can divide your path to success into the following sections:

  • finding a well-paid job;
  • earning enough money to make a purse.

These two smaller goals will help you to get closer to bigger versions of success. While you make them come true, you will allow yourself to feel proud of your life even in the process of accomplishing greater goals.