New Generation Skateboards

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New Generation Skateboards

Skateboarding is not just a sport, but also it is a culture and a lifestyle. For decades skateboarding is considered to be a popular way of spending time, especially with friends. Also, it is one of the most popular ways to get from point A to point B, especially when the weather is fine.  So despite the fact many people associate skateboarding with an extreme activity that can harm you, actually there are numerous benefits it provides.

Skateboarding provides flexibility, offers full body workout, allows to level up physical endurance, teaches precision, improves coordination, burns calories, allows to obtain some transferable to other sports skills, teaches you how to fall, becomes a great way to relieve stress and benefits overall health. And with the invention of electric skateboards, skateboarding has become even quicker and more enjoyable.

 The only problem associated with an electric skateboard is its price. It is too high for students and even for some professionals. Nevertheless, there is always a solution and in this case, the solution is Ionboards.

Ionboards come at astonishing prices and provide their owners with the ability to enjoy the highest quality board on the market. As the main goal of the Ionboard team was to reinvent the perception of electric longboards by allowing anyone to make the transition through our attainable price point, 3 different models at different prices were designed: Ionpod, Ionboard and Ionboard X.

Ionpod is the most affordable model in the range. It took more than a year of development and testing to create the simplest and most elegant “engine” for the electric longboard. The result is beautifully quite engine and humbly price of the Ionpod.

The Ionboard and Ionboard X were designed to be the safest electric longboards. Both models have FC, CE, and RoHS verifications, Certificate of Compliance from Underwriters Laboratories,  Lithium Battery UN38.

Ionboard is the first electric longboard with customizable griptape. You can choose the iondesign of your ionboard created in collaboration with talented artists or to upload your own griptape design and customize your ride.

Despite quite a high price, the Ionboard X model is the best example of how great an electric longboard under $500 can be. The speed of the board reaches 25 miles per hour!  So if you are looking for something special with a little extra firepower, Ionboard X is deffinitely designed to meet your needs.

All models in the range come with a six-month warranty and the Ionboard team is ready to solve any mechanical problems if there are any. So if you are one of those skateboard enthusiasts and you are looking for something new, powerful, beautifully designed, enjoyable and, what is more, affordable – Ionboard is definitely the thing you are looking for.