The success history of Red Bull

The success history of Red Bull

Perhaps, the most famous energy drink in the world is manufactured by Red Bull GmbH.

The recipes, with the help of which, it was created, known in Asia for quite some time. The merit of Red Bull GmbH lies in the fact that it adapted the Asian drink to a European reality, not too much changing the core of its prescription, but has not stinted on the chemistry. But probably even the founders did not expect what position can take this drink in the global market. Firstly Europe was conquered, then America, then reborn drink returned to its homeland to Taiwan and all other Asian countries.

By the way, the name Red Bull was taken from the Thai language — there is a drink called Krating Daeng, which means red bull.

The main ingredients of the drink were, and remain, taurine and caffeine. There are also such terrible names, like glucuronolactone is a derivative of glucose found in many foods, nicotinamide, inositol, riboflavin and other wonders of modern organic chemistry. People would not know this pharmaceutical magnificence without Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz. Having tasted Krating Daeng, he noted how greatly it has increased its performance. It took some time for adaptation, acquisition of various licenses and other bureaucracy. As a result, in 1984 there was a company Red Bull GmbH.

The beginning was unsuccessful. The energy drink market had to be created from scratch; Dietrich didn’t have enough experience in this field. During first few years, the company continued to cause considerable losses. But competent and aggressive marketing has done its job. Red Bull GmbH was correct in choosing the audience for its product, Red Bull is beginning to spread and be advertised at nightclubs. Gradually the promotion of Red Bull as the optimal drink for sports has started.

In 2005 the Company bought the Formula 1 team Jaguar, which is now known as Red Bull. It acts pretty good enough to serve as a good commercial.

Assets of Red Bull are also football and hockey clubs with the same name. The company is increasingly being implemented in the sport. It can afford it — the revenues of Red Bull GmbH are numbering in billions, and Dietrich Mateschitz became the first billionaire in the history of Austria.

A special word should be said about commercials of the drink. These are deliberately painted cartoons are known elsewhere. Their simple and funny story is easy to remember, notifying the consumers with slogan, telling us that “Red Bull gives wings”.